Tuesday, 5 January 2021

While I was pottering around having a little tidy up in my workroom I found the Zip-up tray pouch I had made last year (I forget when) from a pattern by Aneela Hoey

It is a really clever design, starting out as a rectangular shaped box which unzips into a tray which can hold quite a few of your sewing supplies.  I could see it being used for something like holding English Paper Piecing or hand stitching supplies for a sit and sew day.  

 I found the make fairly easy, hand stitching the binding was probably the worst part, as it can be a bit hard on the hands, altough that task is made easier if you have the Clover binding clips or similar to hold the binding in place.  You do need a 10" open ended or separating zipper and double sided heavyweight fusible interfacing, both of which can sometimes be a bit hard to source.  I try and buy from local shops first but have found that Voodoo Rabbit is a good source of bag making supplies.


If you are on Instagram search #zipuptraypouch for inspiration (just in case you feel like making one).

This morning we took Murphy on an outing to Bunnings (which I think is similar to Home Depot but maybe not quite as large).  Most stores in Australia do not permit dogs to enter (unless they are service dogs) and I think Bunnings is the exception.  The dog must be leashed and in a shopping trolley, Murphy seemed quite comfortable with the experience.  It is a great way to socialise a puppy, I think he liked the fact that he was up high and could see everything.  The two young girls on the checkouts gave him a lot of pats, they said seeing all the dogs is the highlight of their shift.



  1. I made two of those Zip-Up Tray's myself. I know what you mean about the binding being a little fussy, but it's doable. I kept one, and gave the other one as a guild door prize. If I ever make another one, the thing I will do differently is add a handle. It could be more easily used if I could carry it places, even from the sewing room to the living room, and especially to a sew day with friends (whenever I might get to do that again!). Amazing that you can take a dog into a store. I don't know of any place in the US that allows it (except for service dogs, of course). I'm glad Murphy received some sweet attention. He's a doll!

  2. What an adorable puppers and fun to read about him in your previous post, too. We can't have pets in our current apartment but when we eventually resettle in the U.S. I really want to get a dog. I daydream about it and research often and so it just makes me smile seeing your puppy. Looking forward to seeing more of Murphy!

  3. Rich colour in the fabrics you have there, I love the top one! Oh what a cute photo of Murphy,. he seems to be enjoying the ride!


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