Friday, 22 January 2021

Slow handwork

Last weekend was my regular sit and sew group, and as I normally catch public transport there I prefer to take a handwork project as it is so portable, also I don't need to concentrate too much on my sewing and can enjoy chatting.

This time I dug out an oldish EPP project that needs to be finished, while I was at it I found my other unfinished handwork projects.  Altogether I have four handwork projects in slow progress very slow progress, two EPP and two applique.

Originally I was going to make a Crossed Paths Quilt but have since decided that it might be too hard on my hands.  Instead I will make this Cross quilt which I hope will be much easier on my hands and more importantly I already have 23 finished crosses and 7 prepared so a finish could be achieved by the end of the year (fingers crossed). I also have plenty of grey background fabric although I do need to work out how wide a border I want to have and whether to do a 6x6 or a 5x5 block layout, any extra blocks can be utilised on the back of the quilt.

The other EPP project is the Euroa quilt by Cheryl Arkison I have barely started this one but I do have plenty of the paper pieces printed out onto thin card all ready for fabric. I'm also making a Foundation Paper Pieced (FPP) version of this quilt, which might get a look in sometime this year.

I'm not really into the whole fussy cutting thing although there are some blocks on the Cross quilt which were fussy cut, both projects are simple shapes which don't require too much brain power when stitching.


  1. How nice that you found old projects to pick up again, and will finish them in 2021. That's admirable. I think finishing is such a rewarding effort. I'm also amazed that you felt safe (Coronavirus-wise) to board public transportation. I hope everyone was wearing masks.

  2. Four hand sewing project?! Now that's some sort of commitment! I especially like the fabric you have chosen for the Euroa quilt. I was drawn also to the name- a country town here in Victoria. We use that lovely towm as a stopping-off point when we drive to and from Bright in the north-east! I ducked across to your link and see that Cheryl Arkison was inspired by a tiled floor! How many of us look at the tiles under our feet and wonder what sort of quilt they would make! Yours is going to be wonderful Pip!
    And just reading Linda @ Flourishing Palms comment- did you gently have to tell her that mask wearing is not that prolific here in Australia? Here in Victoria we are encouraged to wear them on trains, trams and buses, and big supermarkets or shops, but that's about it! Stay cool! We are in the middle of a bit of a heatwave aren't we?

  3. Beautiful work! Love seeing your fabrics too.:)


  4. I'm so fascinated by the fabrics you chose! I loved the idea of ​​the bedspread !!! Accompanying with joy!


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