Tuesday, 12 January 2021


 My word for 2021 is:  Relaxed

 I chose relaxed for my word because I'm over being busy (and being asked if I have a busy day planned, it seems as if it is a competition to be busy) and I think that the way the world is at the moment with COVID-19 it is important to be relaxed as things can change so quickly.

For the improv letters I used some Boro by Moda and the background was the last of the grey linen that Mum gave me a few years back.  I'm thinking that I might be able to work this into a quilt, there are two or three improv quilts that have been marinating for a couple of years and it could be a good way to amalgamate them all together and get a finish of some sort.

     the fabric I used for the letters

Having Murphy in our lives has changed our daily rhythm, I tend to do household stuff while he is asleep so I have very much enjoyed spending an hour or so in my work room while he has been asleep. 

Our original intention was to show him, but the breeder didn't think he was going to be show-worthy as only one testicle had dropped,  (it has since dropped) and dogs need two testicles to enter a conformation show.  Initially we were disappointed but are now quite happy that we won't be showing him as we have more time to enjoy him.

He had his first bath last weekend, he was quite happy to start with but ended up looking like a drowned rat and not so happy.  He is the ideal size to be washed in the laundry tub although I now wish we had installed a tap with a pull out spray as it would have been perfect for rinsing him off.

Murphy has no problems at all with being relaxed and for such a small dog he does take up quite a bit of room on the couch.




  1. What a nice word for your year and I like your sentiment behind it. Murphy is adorable!

  2. Great word - love the idea of amalgamating three projects into one. Murphy is a sweetie (soaking wet or sound asleep)

  3. Your word, "relax" is perfect! I know what you mean about everyone saying "busy" and being busy. I'm afraid I was quite guilty of that in 2020 as I felt "frantic" about the world... and that translated into frantically making. I was overly productive, and I don't want to be that way in 2021. Though I haven't selected a word, I am making a 2021 objective to creatively slow my pace. For me, that means more handwork. I also intend to further explore patterned improv quiltmaking and to that end have registered for another Maria Shell workshop. I'm glad for you to have your puppy, Murphy, to keep you entertained. Our dear boy died August 31, 2019, and we're still not over losing him. Murphy is a doll, and I hope you have many happy years with him.


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