Thursday, 31 December 2020

Goodbye to 2020

We are nearing the end of the year and I think for most people it has been a roller coaster of a year.

Towards the end of June, I lost interest in blogging, in fact I lost interest in doing anything much, I wasn't depressed I just felt it was easier to not make plans and please myself about what I wanted to do or not do.

 these two magpies are regular visitors to our backyard, I'm constantly amazed by their trust

The pandemic also made me think about my daily habits a bit and I have come to realise that I need to prioritise our health and wellbeing. This has meant a few small adjustments in our lifestyle, we incorporated a daily walk, changed our eating habits (no more baking or evening snacks) and I also decided that I needed to sit less and move more throughout my day.

Sitting less and moving more has had an impact on my quilting, I'm no longer happy to spend the whole day sitting and sewing at the sewing machine in my workroom.  In my last blog post, I see that I had nine quilt tops and batting stacked up waiting for some backing fabric and quilting, seven of them are still waiting, but I'm ok with that, I have quilting plans for a couple of them and they will all get finished eventually. In the meantime I'm not making plans to start on any more quilts until I get a few more closer to being finished.

In October I did a YouTube interview with Cindy and Jane, a couple of the roving reporters from our Guild, you can watch it over here.

Our guild has really embraced everything digital and has their own YouTube channel  with various other interviews and visits with South Australian quilters and quilt groups, with no Guild meetings it has been a good way to get to know a bit about other quilters in our guild.

 In the middle of November, South Australia had a short lived circuit breaker lockdown. Initially we were supposed to remain in our homes for six days, there was to be no going out except for essential activities (exercise was not one of those). Once again there was a mad rush of people buying up things like toilet paper etc. I managed to get my daily walk in by walking around the outside of our house, it was a little boring but I had a good playlist to listen to.  Much to the relief of everyone the lockdown was lifted after two days and we could go back to pre-lockdown conditions although mask wearing is recommended if unable to physically distance.  I usually have a mask in my bag in case I feel the need to wear one e.g. on public transport, or in large crowds.

how the satellite tracked my daily walks around the house

Just after that we welcomed a miniature Schnauzer we named Murphy into our life, we haven't had a dog for nearly 20 years and now we have a puppy!!  (in the video I mention that we had planned to call him Magnum, but he didn't look like a Magnum he looked more like a Murphy).

He has been with us for almost six weeks, I found the first couple of weeks hard work, especially as I was the one who had to take him out for toilet breaks during the night (the Mister sleeps through all noise).  There is still the occasional accident which occur when we don't pick up on his cues, but he uses his dog door quite well and sleeps all night (he also snores very loudly).

Murphy is in the teething stage now, a very apt description I read was that teething puppies are like land sharks, everything within nibbling distance is fair game, which is why there is a quilt piled on top of the couch in the photo below. He also has his own IG account @murphy_our_schnauzer

I have managed to get the binding finished on this quilt while he was asleep.  He divides his daytime sleeping time between me and the Mister, a perfect angel while he is asleep.

2020 has been a most unusual year but a new year is coming.


  1. Hi Pip!
    Happy New Year! Murphy is very cute - we have a new grand-pup called Murphy too! He is a golden labrador and 14 weeks old. Very mischivious but totaqlly adorable. Currently visiting us and lording it over us! We are his minions, it would seem!
    I think I need to adopt your new rules of no baking and no dessert and also the walks. Trying to lose a bit of weight before our daughter's wedding in March. I was going well but Christmas came along and boom! I'll get back to it on Monday when our visitors leave.

    I hope to get back blogging a bit now as I have a new PC so if I can find a way of working my pics out, I'll be all good.

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  2. Welcome back, you have been missed.

  3. I was wondering what had happened to you Pip, so pleased to see you here again along with the magpies and your darling new friend Murphy. I have blackbirds, thrushes and sometimes Malaysian doves who visit with me and if I'm not ready with any food at 6.00am they come right up to the glass doors and call me. I am wary of magpies as I was once attached by one walking through Hagley Park in Christchurch, I was left with a nasty hole in my scalp and needed a visit to the medical centre! Good on you for getting more walking done, there is a limit to how much I can do because of cardiac issues but a short walk early morning and evening is allowable and suggested. Covid - what can I say here, I think you have spoken for all of us in what you've written in the post. Have a happy and safe New Year and please keep us informed on the antics from Murphy!!

  4. It's interesting to know how people have handled this pandemic. It's great that you increased exercising - me too - but too bad that blogging and quiltmaking went by the wayside. The urge to create left a lot of people, I'm sorry to note. I'm in the crowd that INCREASED making. After exercising, I sat all day at my machine or my favorite chair to sewing/quilt. I made more quilts in 2020 than I've ever made in one year. And sadly, quilts are the last thing we need! But, as therapy, creating and blogger were needs for me. It's great that you took on the task of raising a puppy. I've known other people who have done the same, and no doubt these dogs are getting the best attention! It's good to hear your update. I hope you find sewing and blogging more enjoyable in 2021.

  5. nice to see you back blogging......goodluck for 2021 and keep up the walking........


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