Sunday, 28 June 2020

Captain's Covid Log - Covid update 4

It has been a month since my last update, South Australia has been COVID free for 29 days and there are currently no active cases.

Victoria and New South Wales have had outbreaks of COVID 19, with Victoria recording 160 new cases in the past week.  Both of these states have been experiencing runs on toilet paper in some supermarkets and empty shelves are starting to appear in some areas.  

South Australia will have a further easing of restrictions on Monday 29 June, with no limit to the numbers of people able to attend a venue and a one person per two square metre rule to be in place (previously one person per four square metres).  The physical distancing of 1.5m between people is still in place and will remain for the foreseeable future, we must not become complacent about the physical distancing.

Cross border travel restrictions are still in place but are slowly easing, travellers into South Australia are still required to quarantine for 14 days, further easing of restrictions is planned for 20 July.

It is a slightly different experience going to a cafe now, tables are more spread out, there is usually a staff member hovering to ensure tables are cleaned as soon as customers leave and before new customers can be seated. The Mister and I are enjoying be able to sit at a table and have a coffee, although we are mindful of not lingering too long so that others can enjoy their coffee fix.

Winter has started with a cold snap, we've had the fire going and have been enjoying spending time with each other, listening to music and doing the crosswords in the newspaper.

I'm not doing quite as much baking as I was a couple of months ago, these Chocolate Chip cookies are our current favourite, I have some unbaked ones stashed in the freezer ready for when the craving for fresh baked cookies strikes, they bake up from frozen so don't take too long at all.


  1. Congratulations to you and your fellow citizens for working together to slow the virus so effectively. Here there are triple-digit net case counts daily with the hospitals recording their highest number of COVID patients to date. I truly wish those who refuse would wear their masks and stay 6' apart as the health department and local governments have asked them to. We are staying home - it's just not safe out there.

  2. Good news about Sth Australia being covid free. We were also for a week or so, but then we allowed Kiwi's to come back home, and there was a breakdown in the system. They were supposedly quarantined for 14 days, but some were let go without testing. We now have about 11 cases, so you are quite right, we need to be vigil at all times. I am going to make a mask to wear to our first Guild meeting since about March. It'll be my first one this year! Take care Pip!

  3. Congrats to Southern Australia! If we had a global initiative we would get through this.
    here in the US it is a mess.
    Thanks for the CCC recipe! yum, looks great.

  4. That's such good news, Pip! I love the cookies on hand idea and a proper fire. Be well, best to you and yours.

    1. @Retrogirl, yes we are lucky here in Australia (and New Zealand)hope you and your family are keeping well too.

  5. We saw the other night that Victoria was now experiencing more cases, we had a clear run for a little while but now we have more New Zealanders returning home and so far the new cases have been ones coming into the country. With more expected I do not know where they are all going to go for the quarantine period! We are now at Alert Level 1 so gatherings can take place, social distancing seems to be relaxed now but for folks like myself over 70 years and with serious health issues we are being advised to be cautious - I'm being very cautious. Advised by our surgery to still keep my distance even from family members, no hugging or kissing so I sit at one end of the room and they're at the other. I was also advised that I may feel like wearing a mask when venturing outside. On a brighter note your biscuits look delicious!!


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