Tuesday, 24 March 2020

The times they are a-changin'

Covid19 has changed the world as we know it.

Physical distancing, social distancing or whatever you want to call it means we must stay at home as much as possible.  In Australia this means: we may go out if it is "essential" e.g. to work, to shop for food, visit the doctor or the pharmacy.  We are allowed to exercise, but only in isolation. 

For me there has been minimal impact as apart from quilting related activities like guild meetings, quilt shows or sit and sews, (these have all been cancelled or postponed till later in the year) I don't really go out that much.

The Mister and I did our grocery shopping yesterday, some of the shelves were empty (toilet paper, hand soap, anti-bacterial wipes, dried pasta, rice, flour, mince) but I was able to get most of the things we needed.  I have decided that if I can't get something then I will find a substitute, if there is no substitute then we will do without.  My mother and grandmother did this and if they managed then I can too.

In a way I am looking forward to the i-sew-lation, I have several UFOs and PHDs which I could finish, and I am in the fortunate position of having enough fabric, thread and batting that I can finish and make several quilts without needing to go out of the house.

Before I dive into my UFOs and PHDs, I've been busy making these two patch units ready to sew into four patch squares for a mystery quilt that our guild president has organised.  New instructions for the quilt come out every Friday and I would like to finish them tomorrow so I can work on something else.


  1. Take care - we are all coping the best we can. The virus is here in our area - near doubling of case numbers every 2 days. We are in the house and staying here other than solitary walks. Good luck with your UFOs and PHDs.

  2. That pile of fabric looks particularly enticing Pip! I-sew-lation .... love it!

  3. We have a grand-daughter close by who is going to collect groceries for us and deliver them here. I am in self isolation having come back from Australia on Sunday. DH is nearly 80 although very fit, but I have to wear a mask around the house, and sleep in the spare room, which is OK cause I can now read in bed!! We have our own computers...I am banned from his, I'm sorry for those with teenagers, as they are probably over it already, not being able to meet up with their friends.
    I believe we are so fortunate to have our love of crafting, which helps keep one sane in these difficult times.

  4. I can relate to everything you have said and I must admit it is at times like this that I really appreciate how well I enjoy just the company of my husband and myself. I have decided to do the same mystery quilt and just about to start cutting my fabrics and start sewing. I am certainly not short of projects or supplies and will stay optimistic about these difficult times. Stay healthy.

  5. Happy sewing, Pip! Stay safe

  6. Delicious Aurifil thread colour!s! Mine are tucked into drawers but I often think I'd love to hav e them out in some sort of display!


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