Friday, 14 February 2020

Modern blocks Part 1

Last year our modern group was asked to do a demo of Modern Quilting.  I happen to think that Modern Quilting isn't something you can demonstrate, it is more of an aesthetic (a set of principles underlying the work of a particular artist or artistic movement).

We decided that we would have a display of various blocks and quilts that illustrated modern design elements. The next blog posts will have the different blocks and quilts that I made for the "demo" we did.

 I made these two Covington blocks from the Quilt Local book by Heather Jones, they are about 20"x20"  In the book Heather said that she was inspired by The Ascent, a  residential building in Covington, Kentucky which was designed by architect Daniel Libeskind and built in 2008

It is interesting how they look quite different when using only solids or when a print is combined with a solid. I think four of these blocks pieced together would make a nice small quilt, I must try it out in EQ8 and see what it would look like.


  1. As a very traditional quilt maker I find these very interesting. What do you plan to do with these?

    1. @QuiltGranma I’m not really sure, I think I have enough of the print fabric to make three more blocks which would be enough for a small quilt, the block is 21” so it is large enough to make a cushion/pillow cover with the solid fabric block.


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