Sunday, 3 March 2019

Slow Sunday

I made progress with the applique on the Botanics piece, there is not much left to do now (three arrow shapes and six holes) which means I will be able to get back to my long term applique project which I would like to get finished this year.

Now that the applique is almost finished, it is time to think about the border and binding fabric. I bought some lovely Denyse Schmidt Open Plaid from her Washington Depot range, I think it will work nicely, although I'm not looking forward to the pattern matching at the corners. The teal spot is going to be used for the binding.

Quilting is progressing on the TATW, I think it is a quarter done now, the recent hot spell hasn't made it very comfortable to quilt at night, although the aircon and a fan has helped a bit.  Now that we have a bit of cooler weather I will be trying to do a bit more quilting each night, I really want to get the quilting finished by end of March.


  1. That is absolutely the best version of Botanics I've seen! Love your color palette for this so much. And what a lovely TATW too. It's on my bucket list for someday.:)

  2. It is always good to see and share progress. You inspire me to get back to my machine and not just read loads of quilt blogs!

    1. Nothing wrong with reading loads of quilt blogs :) although I must admit to not reading very many blogs over the last 6 months.


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