Tuesday, 5 March 2019


I like making challenge quilts, I think it is partially because they are small and reasonably quick to make. Our SA Modern Quilters group is doing two challenges this year, the first one is called "Let's Get Squared" and will be on display at the Craft & Quilt Fair, March 21-24  at the Adelaide Convention Centre.  The second challenge will be on display at Festival of Quilts Adelaide in July.

our challenge quilts hanging at AMQF

Last year our group had a challenge called: The Blue Line challenge, which was exhibited at the Australian Machine Quilting Festival. Part of the instructions were:

A continuous blue line is to be placed horizontally across the middle third of the quilt, the line can be straight or it can be curved or angled and doesn’t need to start and finish at the same point.The blue line can be whatever width you choose.

Each quilter was given a piece of grey fabric for the background and a strip of blue fabric, up to three other fabrics could also be used (either three solids or two solids and one print)

it was hard to get a decent photo of all the challenge quilts hanging together

I didn't take many photos of our quilts, but there are a few more on the SA Modern Quilters Facebook page (search SA Modern Quilters) although you will have to scroll down a bit to see them among the other photos.


I made two challenge quilts, Peaks and Check.  I wasn't totally happy with my first quilt - Check (and looking at the photo it could do with some blocking to straighten it out)  I was much happier with my second effort - Peaks, I really enjoyed quilting that one.


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  1. Yes, I see what you mean, but they are both great. I never do challenges...not my thing, so just as well we are all different!


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