Friday, 1 March 2019


Today autumn officially started, although it doesn't seem very autumnal with predicted temperatures in the next couple of days being 40°C (104°F) and dropping to a relatively cool 31°C (87°F) on Sunday. The neighbour's tree has started dropping leaves which makes my photo look a bit autumnal, as the leaves usually drop late April, I think they are more likely to be heat stressed.

This quilt was one I made for my display at Festival of Quilts Adelaide 2018, I like to call this improv style - structured improv.  Because it is a mix of square or rectangle shapes, it is a great way to start making an improv quilt.  There are no awkward angles to worry about, fabric slabs can easily be made in different sizes and you don't really need to use your ruler until the end when you might need to do a bit of squaring up.

I used a scrap fabric pack that was in my stash plus other fabrics I thought would work with the scraps.  It was fun joining all the different fabric pieces together, I just went with what looked right (to me), making several slabs of fabric which were then joined together into one large fabric slab, from which emerged the quilt you see in the photo.

I quilted it on my Simply Sixteen and kept the quilting fairly simple,  It didn't take very long to quilt up as the quilting is just lines and right angles.  There were no threads to bury as I just started at the edge of the quilt and worked my way along the quilt until I needed to move the quilt so I could quilt the next blank space.

Sometimes a quilt names itself, I noticed this phrase while quilting and thought it would be a perfect name, I used a Pigma pen to make that part of the text stand out a bit.


  1. Wow Pip this quilt is amazing love the colours and fabric,well done my friend xx

  2. Love your 'structured' improv quilt, very effective! And I do love the leaves scattered on your 1st pic!

  3. Love it Pip. Colours are my favourite. Well done!

  4. Inspired photo Pip with the Autumn leaves on your lovely improv quilt.


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