Wednesday, 27 February 2019

My Wonky Small World quilt (and a cautionary tale)

This little quilt was started in May 2015, I remember that in the beginning I was quite enthusiastic about making it but I think cutting all the small pieces and then stitching them together started to wear me down a bit, so it was set aside for other projects.  I hauled it out again this time last year and finished it off in time for Festival of Quilts Adelaide.

Of course once the making was done with, I then had to quilt it, I decided to do a sort of orange peel quilting over the sky as that would hold the pieces down nicely while giving a bit of texture to the sky area.  Most of the other quilting was ditch stitched with a bit of free motion thrown in where there was some free space.

I used a few different fabrics for the binding as I wanted it to blend in with the various fabrics, and did the final hand stitching at a sit and sew with SA Modern Quilters. I remember being very pleased that the quilt was finished in plenty of time for the Festival of Quilts Adelaide.

When I got home that afternoon, I unpacked my bag and noticed that the quilt felt a little damp, at first I thought my water bottle had leaked a bit.  On further investigation I realised that my reusable coffee cup (the lid was tightly closed, but the button that closes the drinking hole was still open)  had leaked the coffee dregs through onto the quilt - calamity!!! 

Luckily most of the coffee stains were on dark fabrics and only one light coloured block (seen in the above photo) had been marked, once white it was a dirty brown.  After spot cleaning the dirty brown turned into pale cream and I was happy with that result. I now check that my reusable coffee cup has the button closed and put it in a plastic bag so that any leaks will be contained.


  1. Hi Pip wow what a beautiful quilt,love it,oh dear what a fright with the coffee leaking glad you got the stains out xx

  2. Congratulations on getting your Small World quilt completed! And it was well worth it Pip! It's great!

  3. Congratulation on the Small World finish, no-one would spot the coffee issue!!


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