Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Improv quilt

Grr, I has just finished typing up the blog post when I did something and lost everything :( (very sad face)

This improv quilt was made for my display at the Festival of Quilts Adelaide 2018.  I enjoyed making this one, I chose to use white fabric and  Kona Raisin for the main colours then accented with turquoise and a rusty orange.  The binding was white and I inserted small amounts of the colours to add a bit of interest to it. 

It seems a long time ago that I made this quilt and yet it is barely a year. It has made me realise that keeping up with my blog is an excellent way to keep records of the quilts I make and any problems I might have in the making and quilting.

I did all the ditch stitching on my Bernina and the quilting on my Simply 16, I think I used a polyester batting, which I found really nice to quilt and it gives a nice definition to the quilting stitches.

The quilting is all straight line quilting, I threw a few free form stars in some of the square white blocks and then filled with matchstick quilting to make the star stand out a bit.

I enjoyed quilting the border on this quilt, it looks quite effective but is just straight lines bouncing between the outside and the inner edge, I filled random shapes with matchstick quilting. No need to worry about burying threads as all stops and starts can be on the outside and will be hidden in the binding (or chopped off when the quilt is trimmed to size). 


  1. Wow Pip such a beautiful quilt,love the colours xx

  2. This quilt is really lovely Pip. Colours are great!


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