Monday, 11 February 2019

Hand work

I usually like to have a couple of hand work projects on the go, I started this Carolyn Friedlander applique in October 2017.  I used a combination of machine applique (the five large pieces) and hand applique on it.  I rather like the organic shapes that have been used and instead of being overly precise placing the pieces I have eyeballed the placement which I think suits the feel of the piece.

I've used some different fabrics as well, a linen background fabric, some batiks and shot cotton.  There aren't too many pieces left to to put on, three more larger pieces and a few small ones, so I'm hoping it won't take too long to finish it ready for our Festival of Quilts in July.

My other hand project is an EPP project which is a simple house shape joined together to make a cross.  I usually have some of the shapes basted and ready for stitching, and I will grab it to work on when I don't have anything else prepared.  Currently I don't have an end date planned for this project, but I won't be letting it get too large and unwieldy.


  1. Hi Pip wow what beautiful work you have done ,both very clever projects,well done my friend on you lovely work xx

  2. Love the T blocks.

  3. Should have said + plus blocks


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