Thursday, 10 January 2019

Workroom revamp part two

My workroom is quite compact - approx 3m x 3m (10' x 10'), and I consider myself very fortunate that I have such a nice area to work in.

the old 9 cube unit

I replaced the 9 cube unit (above) with a six drawer unit, it takes up less floor space and the drawers also keep the fabric away from the sunlight, plus the two shelves are a nice bonus.

Although it is recommended to attach this unit to a wall, we haven't done this as I am an adult and won't be doing anything like opening all the top drawers at one time to make it top heavy (which could make it topple over).

it makes me happy to see the fabric neatly folded

 My fat quarter bundles fit nicely into  these storage boxes, (below) they come in a flat pack and need to be assembled, and although they are a wee bit flimsy they are the right size for the job. Charm packs also fit in quite well, if they are still packaged.

I replaced my heavy cutting table with this Bror trolley from Ikea, I use it for ironing and cutting. The 24"x24" cutting mat fits on top nicely and when not in use I just slip it on the shelf underneath.  The trolley itself will hold up to 50kg of weight, two of the casters can be locked to hold it in place and it is very easy to move around.

Instead of having shelves on the wall above my sewing table, I bought some add-on units (here and here) so I can store things like pens, lint roller, cones of thread etc.

Last winter I bought a Daylight LED Slimline  lamp (not seen in this photo, but you can see it in the second photo in the previous post) which clamps to my sewing table and extends over my work area, it really makes a difference on the duller days.  We also changed the central fluoro light to an LED downlight, which combined with the new paint job seems to have made the room a lot brighter.

The trolley will be useful to hold my tools when I am using the long arm, the Mister would say I could put my coffee mug on it as well, but I have a strict No food or drink policy in my workroom so that won't be happening :)

The side of the six drawer unit is also a great place to hang some of my rulers, I used  Command™ Brand hooks for this, they hold a reasonable amount of weight and are easily removable should my needs change.

I now have two pegboards, one metal one (from Bunnings) and a wooden one from Ikea (Skadis pegboard)  I wouldn't recommend hanging heavy items from the Ikea pegboard as it is only fixed from the top, and tends to flap a bit.

 I still have a little bit of fine tuning to do, I need to put some labels on some drawers and folders but it is all organised now and it is ao enjoyable to come in here to sew noq.


  1. What a wonderful looking workspace Pip, but what do you do with all your scraps and bits that are left over from a project? My space would never look this tidy, but I guess your military background makes you much more organised than me. hehe! Love all the storage units.

  2. I hope you aren't going to mess it up by sewing or cutting or scraps????
    I know the light can spoil fabric but I delight in seeing the rainbow effect folded stacked fabrics or cottons give when all together. I wish you happy hours working in your new room....sorry you need to have a safe space for your coffee!

  3. Oh so tidy Pip! The drawers with shelves are such a good idea and also the shelf set up on the table, just the sort of think I could use but we have no Ikea here - yet!

  4. Your sewing space looks very organised Pip! I’m also wondering where all your scraps are?

  5. I see your quilt stencils there on the left! NICE! So organized! now go mess it up with another project!

    1. It is a little messed up now, but still looks relatively tidy :)

  6. A wonderful work space! And look at all your ribbons!


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