Friday, 18 January 2019

Disintegrating Star

the Mister pinning my quilts up for display

For Festival of Quilts, Adelaide (held in July 2018) I was asked to do a special display of the modern quilts I have made.  Some of the quilts (in the photo above) have been shown in my blog previously, but as my blogging has been quite sporadic, and although there are some quilts that have made an appearance on IG, I’ve never blogged about them, so this will be one of several blog posts in an attempt to rectify that situation. (better late than never)

Disintegrating Star (47" x 51")

I had been wanting to make another star quilt for sometime, this one was made using Quiltsmart printed interfacing (bought on sale ages ago) to make the Lone Star quadrants.  The quadrants were then moved around on grey fabric until I saw an arrangement I liked, then it was pieced together ready for quilting.

I always start my quilting by ditching the main areas as I find this usually helps me formulate a quilting plan.  After quilting piano keys, feathers and swirls on about a quarter of the grey background, it didn’t look or feel right, so I set the quilt aside for a month or so. After some reverse stitching I decided to start quilting in the middle with a ghost half star and some straight lines, I felt  much happier with the quilting after seeing that first section (below).  I then quilted scattered diamonds and ghost quadrants in the negative space, interspersed with plenty of straight line quilting.

The quilting was all done on my Simply 16, using a ruler to keep the lines straight(ish).  I marked the diamond shapes out with an air erasable marker (a purple Clover one I think), and eyeballed most of the lines, thread used was mainly Aurifil 50wt  (Rasant thread used in the bobbin).  I quite often use a double layer of batting as I feel it really shows up the quilting, but this time I opted to use a single layer of wool batting, which I think achieved the same result as double batting.


  1. Oh this is so very different, I really like it Pip and lovely to see some of your collection of quilts together on display.

  2. Wow!! Wonderful quilt! And I love the display and seeing your husband wearing the orange vest. I always get a kick out of pictures where the guys in my family get caught in the creative action!

  3. Great quilts in the display - yes late is better than never (grin).

  4. Hello Pip,

    Temperature here is 27 F. Roofs are covered in snow. Just getting back to my Dear Jane. Last 6 years we have helped with two granddaughters and moved from California to Colorado. Love it here in a Retirement community.
    From Arlene in Aurora, Colorado


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