Tuesday, 22 January 2019

 In 2016 I attended a one day workshop -  Lines of Beauty by Brenda Gael Smith, sometimes I don't finish the pieces I start in a workshop but I finished this one.  I couldn't be bothered binding it and as I liked the slightly wonky shape of the piece, I used a facing finish known as "bagging" which is fairly quick to do.

I wanted the striped fabric pieces to stand out so I put a layer of batting down, ditch stitched around the striped pieces, trimmed the batting back to the ditch stitching, placed another layer of batting over and then started quilting, lines and more lines until it was finished.

As a couple of readers asked "where are the scraps?"  The scraps are in these stackable drawers from Officeworks, there are a couple of twin drawers  in there as well.(I use them for the less common colour scraps)  I think they are a good way to store scraps for me as it means I can't accumulate too many scraps and the drawers also can be lifted out separate from the main carcass.  They would also be good for storing all the requirements for small projects (pattern, fabric etc). 


  1. Wow! That's an impressive mini Pip! It will look awesome hanging in your sewing room, or somewhere where you can admire it everyday!

  2. Awesome finish!! I like small containers for my scraps, too.

  3. Oh what a beautiful finish!! I miss my sewing room. I used ot have my scraps in open bins so I could see them. Now everything remain in containers..with lids shut.. I am not able to work freely that way. Amazing how different work habits we all have!

  4. Oh nicely organised scraps Pip!! Lines of Beauty - love this and you've quilted it beautifully!


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