Monday, 5 March 2018

Chugging along

I've been working away on the My Small World quilt, all the components of part three are complete and just need to be stitched together, after I've checked the measurements that is.

Looking at the photo there is one section that I'm not totally happy with, as I think there might be a better fabric choice somewhere in my stash.  It will be a fairly easy fix as it is only a couple of bits of fabric that need to be swapped.

There are a few bits of applique and other handwork in this quilt so while I was at the SA Modern Quilters sit and sew at Hettie's Patch I occupied myself stitching together hexagons (½" ones this time) for the hill in part five, the clamshells below are for part six which I hope to start on tomorrow.


  1. Just look at all the beautiful hand work, you would need a lot of patience for this. A friend of mine this pattern and really enjoyed the process but it did take her quite a while.

  2. This will look lovely. definitely better to swap out things now if you don't like them.

  3. I think it's beautiful but then my eye just sees all that amazing and patient work which I think I would be incapable of myself! What a lovely project to be working on. Meg:)


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