Wednesday, 7 February 2018

A bit more catching up

Finally I'm caught up, I've finished with bag sewing for a while so I changed my needle and thread back  to my usual sewing set up so I can get on with some other stitching.

We are now making variations of quarter square triangle units, I think they will get smaller yet, will have to wait and see.

I printed out a calendar so I can cross off each day as I make the block, much easier than trying to remember where I'm up to.  Even though I save the emails sometimes I forget to delete them after making the block and then get a bit confused as to which block to make.

This is what I have made so far, we will be making 6" blocks to go in the corners and then I think there is a large centre block.  I just threw the blocks on my design wall, when it comes time to put them together I will probably move some around.  I'm liking how the black is creating different secondary patterns.

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  1. That looks great Pip! I like your idea of crossing the days off on a calendar too... that would help a lot. I know I'd be losing track of where I was... xx


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