Wednesday, 28 February 2018

365 Challenge scraps sorted

It took me about an hour to sort and clip all the scraps of fabric for my 365 Challenge, and then I made the block above, it was so much easier as I first looked in the scraps to see if I had a piece that was the same (or a similar) size and then I just needed to trim to the right size and start sewing.  I wish I had done this before, although it has used up a lot of my Clover clips.

I've also been thinking that I should be finishing a few things off instead of looking to start something new.  The SA Quilters' Guild Festival of Quilts will once again be held in conjunction with The Sewing, Stitching & Handcraft Show on July 6-8 2018  and I always like to enter at least one quilt to support the guild.  I often hear people say their quilts aren't good enough to enter but it isn't a competition it is an exhibition and without members' quilts we wouldn't have a show each year.

So with that in mind I pulled out the My Small World quilt which I started in May 2015  it suits me to work on this now as it is another quilt with small piecing and my brain seems to prefer small piecing at this time.  It isn't a large quilt - only 33" by 52" so I'm about halfway there with three more full sections to make plus this one which I'm about quarter of the way through, it is mainly flying geese and various blocks that have to be made in this section so nothing too onerous. 

I didn't follow the pattern exactly for this part as I couldn't be bothered with y seams, it was a bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle.  I had forgotten about all the small squares that make up the sky, they may be swapped out for some more larger squares, will see how I feel when it comes to stitching that part together.


  1. Your Small World is coming together beautifully Pip. I loved making this quilt but when I finished wished I made all the various pinwheels and other similar blocks all at once. The way Jen Kingwell writes patterns frustrates me sometime! Happy sewing!

  2. Happy stitching - and I agree about pre-sorting scrap sizes. Makes life much easier!

  3. Your small world quilt is already beautiful, Pip! I hope you'll show us when you are finished. Meg:)

    1. I definitely will Meg, I'm planning on showing progress photos as well, I need to be kept accountable :)


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