Monday, 29 January 2018

A long, hot weekend

The long weekend has come and gone, we had three days of "the hot" (40°/104°F plus) so it was go slow time, a lot of reading interspersed with a bit of bag preparation and some stiching of my 365 Challenge blocks.

I cut all the fabric and interfacing pieces for my Goin' Uptown Tote and decided that I would do a bit of the fusing as well. Most of the fusing was done in the morning while it was still reasonably cool, I did start some fusing late in the afternoon but decided to stop as it was just too unpleasant labouring away over the hot iron.

all good to go

The pattern came with a page of labels to cut up, they were very useful as they allowed me to keep track of where I was up to in the cutting out and for a final check to ensure everything was cut, fused and ready to sew.

Making this bag will be a slow process, it is slightly more complicated than other bags I have made and there are a couple of different techniques (inset zipper) that I have not tried before.  Today I tackled the outside zip pockets, and they are finished and ready.  The next part to make is the outer panels and the fixed handles and then I get to stitch the panels to the pockets.

As I write this I can hear some very welcome rain on the roof, the temperature has dropped markedly and there is a lovely cool breeze flowing through the house.  We have been enjoying some beautiful sunsets lately, this photo was taken from the back yard a few nights ago.


  1. Your zippered pocket looks great Pip! Hopefully that will be the last of the 40+ days for you! Give me a 26C day any day of the week, or of Summer!

  2. The colours in the sunset are really vibrant! We've had a few days in the mid 30Cs and that's hot enough for me! Meg:)

  3. Adore your fabrics for the bag, labels are a great idea. I'm back at work in semi air conditioned comfort today.


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