Tuesday, 23 January 2018

A finish of a kind

While swiping through Instagram a few weeks ago I came across this post from @lorena_in_sydney
Sadly I was a couple of weeks too late reading it so couldn't purchase a kit, but I remembered that I had some of the very same letter fabric  (a Cotton and Steel 2014 release by Melody Miller, from the Playful collection - Wordfind in Navy), I had a magnetic name tag badge which I had bought a year or so ago with a vague idea of using it for another name badge I had made (I went with the easier option of stitching on a brooch pin instead) and I had a packet of 1/4" paper hexies (purchased for a project that is long forgotten) so I was all set to make my name badge.

hexie name badge with a Clover clip for scale

I made a little fussy cutting viewer from card and started marking out hexies.  In one way it was quite easy to make but in another way it was a PITA, mainly because of the tiny hexies which were awkward to glue baste to the paper pieces and then to stitch together.  I used a Clover clip to hold the hexies together for stitching which made it somewhat easier.  I added some interfacing to add body r and also stitched some felt on the back, I think it looks really cute.

My next project will be the Goin' Uptown Tote by Andrie Designs. The exterior fabric is picked out  - an Essex linen and some Alison Glass Ex Libris, the piping will be either black or charcoal grey (so it won't show the dirt) and the lining fabrics have yet to be chosen.  This coming weekend is a long weekend so I hope to make some progress on this bag.

The latest batch of the 365 Challenge blocks, these have started off with a simple half square triangle (HST) block and then moved on to variations of HST blocks, I think there will be a few more HST blocks to come.


  1. what a CUTE little name badge! makes my hands hurt just at the thought of doing that!

  2. Very clever and cute. I dont think I could manage those TINY hexies. Makes my 5/8" hexies look huge. :-)

  3. Wow, those hexies are minute, I can't begin to imagine dealing with that size - clever girl!!


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