Tuesday, 2 January 2018

365 Challenge

I came across the 365 Challenge on Facebook today, make a quilt block every day for a year, how hard can that be?  There is a webpage as well as a Facebook group (links on the webpage), blocks vary between 3" and 6" (finished).  The challenge is suitable for the confident beginner, although I think it will be a great quilt to make regardless of skill level.

I made my two blocks today so I'm currently up to date, they didn't take too long to make, about an hour for both of them, which including choosing fabric, cutting, sewing etc. I'm going to be using fabrics from my scrap stash and as I have a fair bit of black fabric that will work nicely for the dark fabric.

There are a few of these toadstools growing in our back yard at the moment, they are quite tiny, (maybe they are fairy parasols) maybe an inch across, something decided to have a nibble of this one, it didn't finish it so perhaps they don't taste very nice :)


  1. the toad stool reminds me of the one in Alice in Wonderland. The caterpillar directs her to take a bit from each side. One side makes you taller the other makes you small. Perhaps the taster decided they were small enough as it was.

  2. Oh goodness Pip! That is a challenge and a half... wonder if I should join... :) :) :) xx

  3. I love the photo of the little toadstool ... such detail in things so small. Meg:)


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