Thursday, 18 January 2018

18 blocks down

So far, so good, still keeping up with the 365 Challenge.

I've been wanting a lightweight machine to take along to sit and sew sessions, so I had been keeping a look out for a second hand Elna Lotus.  One popped up on Ebay late last year and I was lucky enough to be the successful bidder.

Today I decided it was time to give the Lotus a real workout by making some 365 Challenge blocks.  I did have to spend a bit of time getting a scant 1/4" seam sorted out,  but once that was done I just had to cut some fabric and get sewing, I made blocks 17 and 18 as I hadn't had time to make the block yesterday.

Still enjoying making the blocks, they don't take too long, between 15 - 30 minutes for each one, depending on the size of the pieces.  Strip piecing and then cutting into sub units helps make it quick although you do need to think about the pressing so the seams all mesh together nicely.


  1. Those little Lotus machines are just lovely, what a lucky win!
    Hope you're surviving the heat

  2. Looking forward to seeing all of your blocks, Pip. xx

  3. You're doing well Pip and I like your little Elna! I decided not to join in on the challenge... :) xx

  4. Great work Pip. You're keeping up with the challenge. :-)

  5. These will make a stunning quilt when put together!

  6. Beaut blocks Pip. Love my little Elna too. It was my caravan machine! Look forward to more blocks!

  7. My mum had one of these little machines.... Not sure what happened to it..... Cute little machines.......


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