Thursday, 5 October 2017

Warmer weather

means that the backyard critters are on the move.  There is a pair of Adelaide rosellas nesting in the box this year, they are generally quite shy but they seem to be getting used to the comings and goings in our back yard. 

I nearly stepped on this blue tongue lizard, I didn't see him (I don't know if it is a him or a her but I will call it a him) until I turned around and realised that what I had thought was some gum leaves was in fact a lizard.  Normally the lizards will spend the day sun baking on hard, flat surfaces like rocks or pavers, I'm guessing that the grass was warmer on this particular day.  Our neighbour also has one that likes to lie out on the grass in the morning sun, it is much larger than this one and there is no mistaking it for leaves.

I'm not sure if this is the same or a different lizard, this photo was taken a bit earlier in the month on a cooler day, he was trying to scare me off by hissing at me and exposing his blue tongue.

This magpie has been following the Mister on his weeding travels around the garden, it is now at the stage where it flies down when it sees the Mister come out of the house, almost as if it is expecting a free meal.    I suspect it has a nest nearby and is feeding the chicks. We have never had any of the magpies in our neighbourhood swoop on us, perhaps it is because they consider us friendly -   Magpies can form friendships

Finally the koalas are on the move as well, we have heard a male koala bellowing the last few nights and this morning I spotted him in the neighbour's tree. At the very end of that branch is a female koala and he is blocking off her escape route (unless she decides to jump to another branch).  This afternoon he had moved down to the branch fork where he could have a sleep and still prevent her escaping.


  1. Isn't it wonderful to live close to wildlife! I love to see wild creatures in our garden and neighbourhood too. We don't have any swoopy magpies either, though I did get swooped by a plover the other day:/ We have a resident Blue-Tongue that we see occasionally but he's not been spotted this season...yet! Meg:)

  2. I love spring! We have had some rain this week, only about 40mjs. Hopefully this brings an end to the very dry past 2 months! We were privileged to have approx 20 yellow tailed black cockatoos visit early in the week, bringing the babies screaming to be fed, the feeding process is a very noisy affair!
    Did the rosellas nest in your box last spring? I do remember you having little ones in your box.

  3. From the other side of the world, eastern Oregon, USA. We moved to a very dry, for us, area here, that gets an average of 8 inches of rain a year. We have a different variety of magpies, built a large loose nest, noisy bullies! Hubby says they get together in the morning for their work orders... Today we will be on spider patrol. or: grasshopper, or whatever bugs they decide to attend to. Deer come over the slope to the SW, one with twins.

  4. Oh I missed this post! How awesome that you have koalas so close to your house! And also special to have the rosellas nesting in your garden... We would get kangaroos, hundreds of corellas (so noisy!) and black cockatoos... Aussie wildlife is so unique... xx

  5. Saw a post come up on my reading list about a pudding - but here we have these wonderful wildlife photos - which I love. Thanks for sharing these and maybe there is a glitch with the post system.


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