Tuesday, 3 October 2017

A loooong weekend for me

 We have just had a long weekend here in South Australia (some other states had one as well) but my long weekend is extra long as I don't have to work until Wednesday night, happy days.

It was quite a busy weekend as the AFL Grand Final was played on Saturday, the NRL Grand Final was played on Sunday and we put our clocks forward for Daylight Saving as well.  Now we just have to adjust to darker mornings and more daylight in the evenings.

I finished off my doorstop and covered the current doorstop box with some linen that I had, it looks a bit more attractive now.  I started hand couching the wiggly gimp thread decoration but my hand started aching so I ended up machining it down with a zig zag stitch, much quicker.

I also made my quilt for the 2018 SA Modern Quilters Challenge  - Broken Glass, we were given a piece of Alison Glass fabric and could add two different solids, and some low volume fabrics.  The finished quilt will be 12" x 24" portrait orientation, I will only show a portion of my quilt to preserve the mystery :) It is ready for the background quilting now, and as the finished quilts don't have to be delivered until next year there is no hurry to get the quilting done.

The sunset last night was quite nice, you can see the sea on the far horizon and the reservoir is just visible in the centre of the photo.


  1. Very productive, Looking forward to seeing your quilt reveal. Daylight savings seems to start so early.

  2. Love your doorstop! Very pretty Pip, and I do miss the breathtakingly beautiful sunsets in Adelaide! Look forward to your challenge quilt when done!

  3. Love your doorstops! I really should make me some... I always prop the doors up with a bag or something and then trip all over it...! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the quilt!xx


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