Monday, 18 September 2017

Still dyeing a little bit more

Earlier this year I was having a big declutter of fabric and I came across a heap of wool squares that I had cut up in anticipation of using one day.  Winter was approaching and I thought a wool blanket might be a good idea, which meant that one day had arrived, so I just started stitching the squares together.  

Let me tell you that you get quite a thick seam stitching wool together, so instead of pressing to one side I decided that I would press the seams open and then stitch them down again on each side which would keep them nice and flat, and as the wool is felted wool there should be no problems with fraying.   I also decided to offset each row of squares so there were no thick intersections and it saved me having to think about matching seams :)

I spent a pleasant weekend sewing wool squares together, to finish it I used some different coloured binding strips of cotton fabric for a machined binding.  It was only when I was finishing stitching the binding on that I remembered that there was more wool fabric stored somewhere else :(  It is getting a bit warm to use a wool blanket now, but today I found the other container of fabric and looked it over with a view to cutting it up ready to stitch.

Looking at the wool I thought it all looked a bit too brown and it occurred to me that I could dye some of the cream and offwhite pieces of blanket that were also in the box.  I cut three pieces off, soaked them in an acid bath and then started dyeing them, I was aiming for a lime green, aqua blue and a pinky-red,

the two different pieces of wool I used for my experiment,
one is a plain cream and the other a large check in cream and taupe

and this is what happened, the colours in the photo are quite true, they are still damp so might lighten a bit once they have dried.  I'm quite happy with how the colours turned out, once I get some more yellow food colouring I will try to get a bright orange piece of fabric, and then perhaps I will start making another blanket.


  1. I LOVE the first wool blanket Pip! The colours are beautiful together! What a good idea to sew down those seams. It gives a really finished look to the blanket. Happy dyeing!

  2. Congrats! on your newly completed wool blanket. I think I spy some shades of ORANGE in there!!

  3. Fabulous! I love the results of the dyeing. And I looked back to your prior posts for the instructions. Thank you for sharing. Now, I wonder if the food coloring available in the States would work as well...Beautiful blanket. Now, I am sorry that I gave away all the wool pieces I had been saving up for years thinking I would never have time to do anything with them.

    1. Hi Linda, I plan to put a tutorial up on my dyeing process, I'm sure the food colouring in the US would work quite well.


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