Saturday, 23 September 2017


Procraftinate: verb.
the act of avoiding a task by crafting instead

my current Doorstop, there is a small weight inside the box

I'm delaying starting things I probably should be doing by starting something else, an Embellished Brick  otherwise known as a Doorstop.  I picked this kit up a couple of years ago when I was over in New Zealand visiting my parents, and now that warmer weather is coming I like to leave the front door open in the morning to let the fresh air through the house.  My usual method of propping the door ajar is rather basic,and I thought that a felt covered brick would look so much nicer, although I think it will be a bit of a magnet for cat fur.

I'm not sure if I will put any of the blanket stitched rings on the sides, I'll finish the top off first and then see how I feel, I'm all for a quick and easy finish on this and so far it hasn't taken too long and besides I'm quite enjoying myself and that is more important than other things.


  1. It will definitely look good, you will feel very virtuous once it is finished.

  2. Procraftinate - love it. I must find a way to use it in a sentence sometime. Better still do it!
    That's going to be some doorstop when it's finished - will you use a house brick or were you going to fill that iPhone box?
    Hello Pip. I 'refound' your blog recently, we used to visit each other years ago (I had a blogspot blog at the time) Good to see you are still crafting and quilting.
    Take care

  3. Lovely word!! Your doorstop brick looks as though it may have come from Ribbon Rose - they have a few examples in the shop but I do like the colours in this kit of yours.


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