Saturday, 30 September 2017

One of five

I'm quilting five smallish pieces which will help me get used to quilting on my Simply 16.  The first piece is a test block I made for another quilt, I had already added borders and ditch stitched it on my Bernina 750QE in anticipation of needing something for quilting practise before the Simply 16 arrived.

I had no quilting plan so just had a bit of a play with my rulers to start with.  I was wanting to do something else with the circle ruler but the block wasn't big enough, (top left and bottom right corner) for what I had in mind so I had to improvise.  I finished it off with piano keys on the outside section, it took no more than 10 minutes to complete the piano keys on each side.

I've now moved on to the next piece which is a piece of cheater cloth in a log cabin pattern, I'm just going to practise doing straight lines with the machine set to Cruise Stitch Regulation, I'm thinking it will be good practise for Stitch in the Ditch. 

I've been experimenting with using a curved needle to bury my thread ends, it was a bit of a struggle using a straight needle and I think once I get used to using the curved needle it will work well, there are certainly a lot of thread ends on this fabric.

I found that it was hard to maintain concentration and keep the lines straight for more than one row, I do have electromagnetic channel locks fitted to my machine and I might experiment with that tomorrow and see that will keep me from going off track.


  1. Beautiful quilting you always do! Thanks for the corn scone recipe and I have noted it to try. I love your Anna Maria Horner piece so deserving of its red ribbon.

  2. some great patterns there on the small quilt. I haven't done any free motion for a while (been stuck in computerised land for customers lately) and you are inspiring me.

    1. Thanks Jenni, it is quite enjoyable quilting with no plan.


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