Sunday, 19 February 2017

No Interruptions

When the Mister is away on a motorbike trip I get plenty of uninterrupted sewing time, in fact the only interruption is when Cody decides that he is hungry and comes to tell me that it is dinnertime :)

I've had these blocks for quite some time they were from a block swap I took part in and I had set them aside for when I had more time to put them together and that time was this weekend.

Rather than fuss about trying to get matching seams I added a fabric strip to the top of two of the block rows, another fabric strip to the bottom and then stitched them together, I rather like the result. Conveniently I had quite a few strips of the spotted fabric stashed away with the blocks so used them for the side borders/strips.

 I'm a bit over large quilts (they are a PITA to baste and quilt) so decided to make two smaller quilts but once finished I thought that rather than having to quilt two quilts, I would use one for the backing and save myself the extra quilting.


  1. Love the spots. A great creative and effective way to put you blocks together. Gorgeous! Agree with PITA comment! Hi from Picton!

  2. I like the way you put them together, it looks really cool xx

  3. Well done Pip. I like the idea of double sided, and dropping the rows down has made life easier to piece. Very nice looking quilt!

  4. Cool. I love spot fabrics. I think staggering your rows makes less bulk all at one point too. Double sided is another good idea.

  5. What a great way to use larger pieces of the KF and Friends fabrics - love it. What size are the centre squares Pip?

  6. I know next to nothing about quilting, Pip, but I love the bright and beautiful colours of your quilt.


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