Wednesday, 22 February 2017

I'm not sure

if I really need one of these as I seem to be doing all right without one, but it was fun making it and gave me a chance to keep my foundation paper piecing skills up to speed.  The free pattern is available at Paper Panache Paper-Pieced quilt patterns, I made the Mini Round Tuit, you can read more about the origins of a round tuit here

I also drew up the block below then made a test block to see how it would work out and it looks ok, so I will go ahead and make some more of these which will help make some progress on another UFO.

While I was sewing away, I could hear a baby galah squawking for food, I grabbed my camera and spotted it sitting in the neighbour's gum tree with the parent on the left.  They can be very noisy, almost deafening when hungry but this one wasn't too loud, the tail feathers haven't fully grown in yet but they still manage to fly quite well despite that.


  1. What will you do with the round tuit...when you get around to it, of course!? I love the 'log cabin' diamond- very clever Pip!

  2. My husband has a wooden round tuit in his shed - made when he was about 13. Love your test block - is it paper pieced, would you be inclined to share dimensions or the pattern with me, I think this could work in my medallion quilt somewhere.

  3. LOL!! I haven't seen one of those in ages. I need to find mine!!

  4. Cute round tuit :) I really like the diamond paper pieced block... great idea! xx

  5. Gorgeous rainbow round tuit.
    I need one in every room . . because I go into a room with a mission . . .and when I get there I forget what it was. :(

  6. I love the spotty fabrics of your diamond block, Pip. How clever you are to be able to sew such things! Galahs are lovely birds, we see them on our walks occasionally. I love their pink and grey feathers. Meg:)


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