Sunday, 12 February 2017

Here & Now | February 2017

Eggplants from Chris

cool, iced tea

gorgeous colour Portulaca

Loving // all the books that I have been reading during our hot weather
Eating // Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls
Drinking // Iced Tea and plenty of cold water
Feeling //  happy that the portulacas I planted the day before the really hot days arrived are thriving
Making // nothing at all, and feeling quite happy about it.
Thinking // about what to do with some gifted eggplants
Dreaming // of a finished quilt

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  1. Those eggplants look so yummy! Parmigiana is my favourite thing to make with it. I also made a really yummy dip with it once using a recipe out of the River Cottage Australia cookbook.
    Isn't reading the best thing to do in hot weather? I read lots more in summer than I do in winter :-)

    Thanks so much for joining in Pip!
    Sarah x

  2. The iced tea sounds perfect. I have only read one book this summer :(

  3. My mum used to grow portulaccas, I loved the colours and vividly remember painting the white letterbox with portulacca petals - took a little scrubbing to clean it. I make a lovely ratatouille with aubergine (well I like it, kids and hubby not so keen) - this recipe is very similar to mine:

  4. Stunning colour on the portulaca and so glad they survived the heat. I don't do a lot with eggplant, so I'm no good to you there! Enjoyed reading your Here and Now, Pip

  5. Oooh...such a beautiful gifted bunch of eggplants. Have you tried grilling them and making your own baba ganoush? It's so much better than store bought.

  6. Portulaca flowers are so lovely, Pip. I haven't any growing in the garden and after seeing your pretty photo I'm trying to figure out why I didn't plant any! Isn't it lovely to receive gifted produce! We used to have a most green-thumbed neighbour who would regularly leave baskets of produce on our doorstep, including eggplants in the Summer. He has moved away now (for cooler climes with more reliable rainfall) and I miss him and his wife and all of his gardening advice. Meg:)


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