Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Going in squircles.

I have been thinking of starting a smallish applique project that I could take with me to a hand appliqué group I belong to.  I thought I might like to take part in the Quilty 365 project and had started some appliqué circle blocks using linen as my background fabric.  I've now decided I can do without the pressure of making something every day (or week or month) and I really don't want another large quilt hanging around waiting to be finished as I have enough of those already.

Which left me still needing a smallish appliqué project, so I thought it would suit me better to make random squircles of different sizes as the mood took me. I won't need to bother with a template because squircles are just a square with the corners rounded off, then needle turn appliquéd, and I have plenty of the taupe linen which I can use for my background.  I much prefer that to the white linen background I used on my previous circle blocks.

As you can see my first one is slightly wonky but I think (hope) thist will add to the random and organic nature of the piece.  My original circles won't go to waste as I will unsew them and use them for future squircles.


  1. Love your Squircle! I admired these in Carolyn Friedlander's book when I first saw the design.

  2. Lovely fabrics you have and I love your squircles.

  3. It's always great to have a portable project on the go! And this seems a great one! And as your book says, "Savor Each Stitch!"

  4. I like the taupe background better than the white. I made a 6 month quilty 365 to keep mine to a smaller size. Enjoy your stitching.

  5. Looks good to me! It will be a fun project for you to take with you.. xx


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