Sunday, 8 January 2017

Slow Stitching in the Hot

Corner stars completed

We've just come off two days of daytime temperatures of over 40°C/104°F and night time temperatures of over 30°C/86°F, not too bad so long as you stay inside with the aircon and fans going. But it has been perfect weather for slow stitching, just as long as it is not a large piece of fabric as even with the aircon and fans it would not have been nice having a big piece of fabric draped over. me.   This morning the temperature had dropped down to a much cooler 19°C/66°F although it has risen by about another 10° through the day but that is much more pleasant than the previous two days.

the four border strips completed

 Now that the stars are finished, there is no more block piecing to be done which means I can get on with stitching the rest of the borders on,  another 12 hours stitching by my reckoning.

another view of the border strips

I think this quilt was started in January 2013 (or maybe December 2012) it has been a slow but enjoyable journey and I'm looking forward to the final stages of completing the top.  


  1. It's going to look awesome Pip! I look forward to seeing this come together in all its glory!

  2. I'm loving your scrappy circles!!

  3. Hadnt seen this before . . its so dynamic!

  4. We are having a week of 40-44......38 will be a cool change sat or Sunday......
    Nice stitching....... Goodluck with the border.....


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