Monday, 16 January 2017

Here & Now │ January 2017

koala flexing out on a hot day

In the middle of last year I severely limited my social media, blogging and reading blogs, and even though I had more time I found that I missed blogging and the interaction that I got from reading and commenting on blogs.  With the start of a new year I have decided to dip my toes into the blogging pool again.

One blog that I always enjoy reading is Pomegranate and Chintz and recently Meredithe linked up to Say Little Hen which is a lovely blog written by Sarah who has a monthly Link Up called Here and Now,  I think its a nice way to catch up on what is happening in mine and other peep's worlds and perhaps be inspired to try something new.

koala enjoying the late afternoon sun

so here is my Here & Now for January:

Loving // my new washing machine, it is so quiet compared to my old one.
Eating //  HoiSin Chicken Chops and Massaged Kale salad
Drinking //  Bundaberg Lemon, Lime and Bitters, so refreshing in the hot weather
Feeling //  happy that I went for a walk this morning while it was lovely and cool
Making //  my Museum Medallion quilt, the end is in sight.
Thinking // about getting my BAS done :(
Dreaming // of cooler weather, not happening this week but it will come


  1. It's lovely to have you back on line, Pip. Great pics of the koala. Hope you survive the heat this week!

  2. Gorgeous Koala! Stay cool both of you :) xx

  3. Cool koala pics, I never ever see any here (norther beaches, Sydney). It's going to be too hot for two days and then cooler again, I can cope with hot days as long as the cooler ones follow :) I too love the pomegranate and chintz blog :)

    1. Thanks for visiting ES, when the hot is mixed up with the cooler days it makes it quite bearable, I never saw any koala until I came to South Australia, we are very lucky here.

  4. I think my friend Julie writes posts with this theme! It is nice to also use them to be moe mindful of the good things in life!

  5. Hi Pip, and welcome to the Here & Now. :) Koalas have an knack for looking beyond relaxed, don't they? Good role-modelling for too hot days. Hopefully the weather will bring a cooler break for you (and the koalas) sometime soon.

  6. Koalas AND flowers -- what a delight since everything here is misty, damp, gray, and dreary. Glad you are planning to blog more this year - the community really is wonderful.

  7. Oh I love the photo of the koala! How special to have them around :-)
    Thank-you so much for joining in the Here & Now this month! Lemon lime and bitters is my favourite softdrink too, it's very refreshing and enjoyable.

    Sarah x

  8. So pleased you have returned to blogging...... Always enjoy sewing what you make......


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