Sunday, 1 January 2017

Croissants - Day Two

Continuing on the croissant making journey - I put the butter between two sheets of plastic  and beat it well with my rolling pin, the aim is to get a roughly square shaped piece of butter, while keeping the butter cool but malleable.

The dough is rolled out and the square of beaten out butter is placed on one end, making sure to leave a gap at the edges, then the dough is folded twice, turned, rolled out and folded again.

After the second rolling and folding, the dough is left to rest for 45 minutes or so, if it is a hot day this will need to be done in the fridge.  I left mine on the bench for 30 minutes and put it in the fridge for the last 15.

I have always had problems with the butter oozing out of the croissants while baking and I suspected it was because of the flour to butter ratio, so after a bit of googling I decided to reduce the amount of butter by half.   Success, there was no seepage whatsoever, and I think this was the most successful croissant bake ever.  The recipe that I used was essentially the same as this recipe.

 After a three hour rise and a brush with egg wash, they are ready to bake.

 Fresh from the oven, but they must be left for 10 minutes to cool before eating :(

 I made four Pain au Chocolat as well, the Mister was quite happy about that.

I also used French butter for the first time and I wonder if that had something to do with it, it is marked with 82% butterfat.  So I googled some more and came across this article where it mentions that a higher fat content raises the butter melting point, which would definitely be helpful when making croissants.  I know that some Australian butters have water added and this will also have an effect on how the dough behaves, next time I will try a no added water Australian butter to see if I can get the same result.

Making croissants isn't too difficult, give it a go.

This Julia Child video is a good one to watch and there are lots of helpful hints as well.

This website  has quite comprehensive explanations and plenty of pictures, I might try this recipe next time.


  1. They look divine Pip. You'll have to keep planking if you want to eat them! LOL!

  2. Oh wow, I dare not show these photos to my husband!!! He loves croissants, especially if they have apricot in there or chocolate.


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