Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Cook the books - January

Most of us have recipe books we never use, clippings from magazines and papers for recipes that might be worth trying, some of us even have a recipe board on Pinterest (there aren't too many recipes on my Pinterest).

Last year Julie decided to challenge herself and make at least one new recipe a week from her collection of books, clippings and her Pinterest board.  In 2017 Julie is going to do it all again but this time she will have company. I recently reduced my clipping and cookbook collection but there is still plenty of inspiration to draw on.


Week One:

I started buying muesli late last year as both the Mister and I were a bit tired of having porridge for breakfast especially when the weather started warming up. After a couple of packets of muesli tasting a bit stale I decided I would make it myself.  I didn't want to get too complicated so used the recipe for Granola in my Smitten Kitchen book which has a minimum of ingredients, this one by Meg at her blog is very similar.
Verdict: I will be making this again, it is easy to swap or add different grains, nuts, seeds or fruit if you want a slightly different flavour profile.

Spiced Kale + Gruyere Slab Galette

Week Two:

I found this recipe for Spiced Kale + Gruyere Slab Galette after hearing about the Arthur Street Kitchen on a podcast -  it was quite easy to make and put together and makes enough for leftovers.

Verdict: we both liked this, we had it warm the first time and the crust was a bit too crumbly for my liking, after resting the crust was much better and I think it is better cold. Will definitely make this again.

Confetti Biscuits

Week Three:

I wanted to make some biscuits to take along to a monthly stitching group and a photo for these
Confetti Cookies popped up in my Facebook feed, I had all the ingredients so whipped them up, I didn't have quite enough hundreds and thousands, so tried out rolling the biscuits in coffee sugar.

Verdict:  the biscuits rolled in coffee sugar are nicer, I will be making these again.

Fromage Fort

Week Four:

I had a few ends of cheese left over so I made Fromage Fort I enjoy reading David Lebowitz's blog and have made a few of his recipes. A cooking book that I have from the library is Silvia's Cucina by Silvia Colloca and her recipe for No-knead Bread is quite easy to make, I prefer using scales to measure my ingredients as I find it more accurate than cup measurements.

Verdict:  two thumbs up for both of these recipes

  No Knead Bread

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  1. Yum - I'm very impressed with all your delicious meals. Your Fromage Fort sounds intriguing. I've never tried making Granola before - was it very sweet?

  2. Now I'm not a fan of kale but my husband most definitely is! Your Spiced Kale and Gruyere Slab Galette is just the thing for him, I have to say it does look delicious.

  3. WOW! More fabulous recipes... I always read Julie's post on cooking and now I can enjoy yours too. The bread looks especially delicious! My husband is the cook in the family but I still enjoy looking at and collecting recipes.

  4. Yum! Those dishes look delicious, Pip. I have a small collection of recipe books and one folder jammed with recipes cut out of magazines and written on scraps of paper. Must organise that a bit better! I am going to file away that Spiced Kale Galette for winter time here when kale grows abundantly in my garden. I always have too much kale! Meg:)

  5. A totally motivating post, Pip! I've bookmarked some of your recipes - and I just might try your strategy of one new recipe a week.

  6. Wow! What a great idea and they all look so scrummy


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