Saturday, 31 December 2016


- of similar things or occurrences, appearing or happening at irregular intervals in time.

 Which pretty much sums up my blogging for 2016 and I suppose my quilting too.

On the spur of the moment I decided that today I would make croissants, I'm using a recipe which is in the book: From Julia Child's Kitchen, I've used this recipe before and even though I've had varying degrees of success the results have always been edible. 

Ingredients for croissant making: flour, salt, sugar, yeast, milk, water and oil

There is a fair amount of idle time when making bread, and croissants are no exception as this recipe has two rises before you can even incorporate the butter, all 225g/8 oz of it, into the dough.  Not to worry though as the second rise can be done overnight in the fridge and then continued on with tomorrow. 

 mix until the dough forms,

the dough is then tipped out on the bench and flipped around with the scraper,


before being dropped into a container and left to rise (about 3 hours)

almost there, and then the dough will be turned out, patted out into a 30cm/1 foot rectangle, folded in three (like a business letter) then placed into a bowl, popped into the fridge and left until tomorrow morning, in the meantime I can get on with finishing this quilt.


  1. Croissants- I AM impressed! I look forward to seeing or hearing about your efforts!

  2. Good on you Pip, although I think you must be slightly mad doing that Planking!!haha! Im as bad as you with my blogging. The main problem for me is getting my photos onto my blog. Some are on my phone, some on the tablet and so on. :-)
    Anyway Happy New Year to you!

  3. Hmm, croissants! Delish - enjoy and happy new year!

  4. Oh Goody Yumm Yumm!
    Actually I was trying to comment on your spectacular Spider Web Top but I cant find the comment form . . . so I'm going to have to say here . . that it looks terrific. Love the blue. Happy New Year Pip... Love seeing quilts on blogs as the photos are better than on IG.


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