Monday, 30 May 2016

Umbrella Prints Trimmings Challenge 2016

Finally a finish, my entry for the Umbrella Prints 2016 Trimmings Challenge:

Kicking back - sipping sangria on the pavement 

 A quick recap on what was required - buy a Trimmings pack (like the one below) and then make something, anything, it can be whatever you like, but you must use the Trimmings pack somewhere in the finished project -   how easy is that.

I knew straightaway that I would be making an improv quilt, I started with the scrap of Stoneflowers fabric that came in my Trimmings pack, then kept adding strips of linen or shot cotton interspersed with the Umbrella Prints Trimmings, a smidgen of Kona Cotton in Sangria (read more here) and kept sewing.

Depending on how large the Trimmings scrap was I either kept it whole, split it into rectangles or made improv triangles.  I used spray starch to keep the linen and shot cotton fabrics from stretching too much while stitching.

When it came to the quilting, I ditch stitched first to stabilise the different areas, (there are a few different weights of fabric in this quilt) then continued the improv theme with machine quilting and big stitch hand quilting.  Now that I've seen the quilt hanging up I think that a bit more hand quilting is needed in a couple of areas.

prairie points

The single fold binding is a dark blue linen, the batting is wool and  the quilt measures 45" x 41" (115cm x 104cm). 

what was left

I named the quilt: Kicking back - sipping sangria on the pavement - as a bit of a nod to the hot pink Sangria Kona cotton and the Trimmings pack which is the Pavement colourway, and it was a very relaxing quilt to make.


  1. I like it.....well done......

  2. I love this improv quilt, congratulations on such a splendid finish for the Challenge.

  3. Me too! Well done Pip.

  4. Excellent, Pip! I love the name.

    1. thanks, its a shame the weather isn't warm enough for drinking sangria now :)

  5. The more I look, the more I find! The sangria splash is so good really adding so much, 3D, texture provided by your quilting. Love the triangles too. Fascinating piece of work. Love it Pip.

  6. Very cool Pip. Great name ( which is hard to do) I like these improv quilts, but have yet to make one.

  7. Wow! What a beauty! I love the improv nature of this, Pip! And those pops of pink are a dramatic contrast to the blues and greys, as is all the variation in the quilting! (Will you still add more hand stitches?) I wish I could do this sort of piecing...

  8. Love the prairie points! something I haven't yet tried. It's quite warm in Rhode Island, in the '80s most days, just perfect for Sangria!

  9. FAbulous! Love the improv approach and the colours.

  10. I love everything about this quilt!!

  11. Love it Pip, and the name is just perfect!

  12. My favourite kind of quilt!

  13. Interesting quilt. Thx for visiting my blog.


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