Friday, 27 May 2016

Strange things

can happen when you change things in your blog...

I've recently been altering my blog template,  I have a test blog where I do all the alterations first so I can see how things look before I change this blog.  Somehow I changed the blog post text colour to white, which meant that the text didn't show because the background is also white.  I'm not sure how I didn't notice this "change" when I did it as it is quite obvious there is no text, only photos and post titles, it took me a little while to notice (more than a few days actually) and then figure out what happened, but its fixed now.

Amongst other things, I've been working on what I hope will be a hat which I will enter in the Art to Wear Challenge in our guild quilt show  (more to come on the show in another post).  The theme for both Art to Wear and Challenge is Mandala so there is plenty of scope for creativity.  I need to finish off the backstitch and adding thread to some machine stitching and then I can start on the quilting, then a few beads and perhaps sequins and fingers crossed I will be able to construct the hat. 


  1. Oh!! That looks interesting. Can't WAIT to see the entire project!!

  2. Nice, new header- love the dandelion!

  3. Should we have noticed a difference? Did I miss something? I too like the new header, a nice reflection of you, observant, quirky, adventurous n cat lovin. And likewise can't WAIT to see the finished hat. I am surprised you have time to fiddle with all your new responsibilities

  4. Love your header, and looking forward to seeing the finished hat! xxx

  5. Oops!! All seems to be fixed now - well done you! Your hat looks very interesting - looking forward to seeing it.


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