Monday, 18 April 2016

This was quite tidy

compared to what my workroom looked like on Saturday.  These photos were taken over a month ago and the lack of tidiness in my work room has just kept getting worse since then. Shortly after I took these photos I put the overlocker and the quilts away but everything else was relocated to the nearest clear space instead of putting it away.

 I had enough room on my work table to quilt because I started using the floor to put things on, you can fit a lot of things on the floor.  It finally came to a head last Friday when I nearly tripped over on a pile of boxes when I was attempting to wend my way through the mess.

So no quilting for the moment just channeling Marie Kondo while I get it sorted ...


  1. Wish you luck with the Marie Condo approach, Pip. I can get mine 'decluttered' but never for long enough.

    1. Flossypatchedbritches, I have the same problem, it can be decluttered for a couple of weeks to a month and then I start leaving a couple of things out and then the "breeding" starts. I think the key is to have a place for everything and to take 5 minutes or so at the end of the day and put things away.

  2. i see you have made a few changes to the room since i last visited, it doesn't seem as open a space, have you brought the cutting table back from the 2nd room as well as turning the sewing machines about. Maybe thats what is crowding you out, mind you , you have been very busy with lots of scrappy projects. A good clean up makes for increased creativity... so hears hoping

  3. With no sewjo happening here I look around my very neat and perfect sewing space! Perfect because it's not used!! I may enter the room once or twice a week! I really appreciate your messy area and would love mine to busy and messy! POTC is still underway though! Miss you girls!

  4. I've seen worse... in my very own studio. And it's about to get an overhaul!! Sometimes, enough is ENOUGH.

  5. Know that feeling well!!

  6. I have the book by said author but have never done what she suggests re putting everything in the centre of the room and then sorting - I wouldn't be able to move at all. I like the bright red drawers under your machine and the fact that you have your overlocker set up in there, is it a large room Pip? Do you have a separate cutting table?

  7. I am allergic to those kinds of books!
    Although I did put a UFO Cushion project in a 'safe place" before Xmas . . . . and this morning wasted an hour trying to find it!
    It doesnt help that we are renovating and that my sewing room is also my wardrobe!!
    I am not starting anything new this year until UFO's are out of the way . . Therefore my head is so cluttered with new do I clean that out!

  8. Looks like a very productive room to me. You have been doing som tricky work, it's all looking good


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