Monday, 25 April 2016

Anzac Day 2016

I am not a badge of honour,
I am not a racist smear,
I am not a fashion statement,
to be worn but once a year,

I am not a glorification of conflict or of war,
I am not a paper ornament or a token, 
I am more.
I am a loving memory, of a father or a son,
A mother, a sister or daughter, each and every one

I am paper or enamel
I am old or shining new,
I am a way of saying thank you,
To every one of you.

I am a simple poppy, a reminder to you all,
That courage, faith and honour will stand where heroes fall.

Paul Hunter 2014


  1. Thank you, Pip. I have always admired your country's celebration.

  2. That is a lovely verse....

  3. May we ALWAYS remember them,

  4. Thanks for sharing that lovely poem, it is worded so well. Lest we forget... Joy xxx

  5. Exactly.
    I still cherish the poppy you sent me, and think of you.

  6. Beautiful. Thank you, Pip.


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