Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Slow Stitching

I last posted about the Museum Medallion in November last year and it is still slow stitching however, the pile of unstitched quarter circles is now very small and has reduced a little more since this photo was taken.  I had not realised how many had been completed until I piled them up next to the block pieces.

 Another view of the finished v unfinished pile

A circle block like this will be the final outcome of all those quarter circle blocks, I'm sure that the straight line stitching will go a lot faster than the curved stitching.


  1. Tiddly and fiddly . . but oh so gorgeous!

  2. I think its often surprising how much you can get done when handstitching. It doesn't go as quickly as machine sewing but it doesn't seem to take as long as you think it will. Those blocks will be lovely when they're done!


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