Sunday, 20 March 2016

No resting

but there has been plenty of idleness happening ...

Today I made Hot Cross buns from this recipe which is in Matthew Evan's book Real Food (I blogged about it here ) I managed to wait until they were barely warm before sampling one, it was delicious, so much so that I had to have another and then another,  it was lunchtime after all...

The recipe is an easy one and doesn't require anything special in the way of ingredients apart from the peel which I did not have so I just increased the sultana content to about 250g, I also added 1 tsp ginger to the spices. The recipe in the book has an additional 2 Tb (Australian)  of caster sugar added to the dough which is not mentioned in the ingredients list in the linked recipe (although it is mentioned in the method)  

I didn't have marzipan either but I did have the ingredients to make some:

 (this recipe makes quite a lot but it keeps well in the fridge and is quite edible (and delicious) by itself, that is, if you are not worried about the egg white being unpasteurised, the Mister and I are not.

250g Almond Meal
250g icing sugar
2 tsp almond extract (I used almond essence)
1 tsp rose water (this could be omitted as once the marzipan is baked you cannot taste it)
1 egg white

Mix all ingredients together well, knead briefly and then chill.

I used my food processor to mix it up, kneaded it a little bit by hand, then chilled the mixture. 

I rolled out the marzipan and cut thin strips to make the crosses, much easier than rolling thin logs of marzipan.  The marzipan tastes very nice combined with the spice in the buns although it has a tendence to fall off the buns once you cut them.

The recipe mentions glazing the buns, it makes them look nice but I never bother as I don't like getting my hands sticky while eating the buns.

I have actually been doing a bit of stitching, working on my Mandala challenge, still a way to go before it can be called finished, but it is getting there.


  1. i can smell those hot cross buns from here! Do you think there will be any left for Good Friday?!

  2. Your Mandala is beautiful!! Enjoy your hot cross buns.

  3. So I'll you be. Making more buns for Easter? They look delicious, I like the sound of the marzipan cross. Loving the direction your Mandala is taking

  4. Your mandala is great! Just love the colours! Very creative Pip! Missing the Adelaide quilt scene and my quilty mates!

  5. Yum, and yum! Great looking buns and lovely mandala.


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