Sunday, 27 March 2016

Improv Log Cabin

The past couple of years I have bought a Trimmings pack from Umbrella Prints thinking that I would participate in their Trimmings Challenge, of course it never happened, although I did use my Trimmings pack last year when I made my Literal quilt.

This year in anticipation for the Umbrella Prints Trimming Challenge 2016  I bought two Trimmings packs - Pavement and Sandalwood. The amount of fabric in the Trimmings pack is about 25g and the pieces are all offcuts from their production runs, usually a mix of quilters cottons and mid weight hemp/cotton.  As you can see from the photo below (Sandalwood pack) the trimmings are well ... trimmings, but large enough to use to make something...

I opened up both packets and left them spread out on the table for a couple of days while I mulled over options, the Pavement pack seemed to speak to me and as luck would have it I had some leftover chambray linen sheeting so I decided to start an improv Log Cabin.

To help flesh it out, I added in light grey linen (thanks Mum) and blue shot cotton (I think the colour is Smoky) and for a bit of zing some Sangria Kona cotton.  It is now at a comfortable size (43" square approx)  so today I'm going to piece together a backing and then start the quilting which I think will be a mix of machine and hand quilting.


  1. Wow! I'm impressed Pip! I find improv so counter-intuitive to my ordered nature! Are you entering this into the challenge this year?

  2. You really nailed the improv style brilliantly, can't wait to see what the quilting adds to this one

  3. What an interesting idea. I like what you've done with your trimmings.


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