Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Hellooo 2016 ...

Yes, I'm still alive, I've had a lovely couple of weeks of idleness and now it is nearly time to start work again :(

 Cockle Bay,
one of the lovely, local beaches

The weather was absolutely perfect the whole time I was in New Zealand,  the bad weather didn't start till after I left so I timed that rather well I think.

Last year there were a lot of people picking a word to help give them direction for their year, this year I decided to follow along and choose a word for 2016,  my word is:


  • to take pleasure in; experience with joy.
  • to have the benefit of; have and use with satisfaction.
  • to enjoy onself.
I chose Enjoy as a word because I think that it will help remind me of the pleasure that the simple things in life give, and that I should slow down, relax and enjoy everything.

Block 1 for the Project 48 Quilt

Late last year I signed up to a couple of projects for 2016.  The Project 48 Quilt  (you can still sign up if you want) which is a mystery quilt, the first block came out earlier this week, a nice Churn Dash block.  The other project is the Tribal Block Club at 13 Spools (no link as Amy's service provider is having problems) which starts on Friday, (although I think that will be Saturday here in Australia).  I will be using fabric from the stash for both of these projects (I keep telling myself, "there will be enough fabric, you have plenty of fabric, you don't need any more, make it work")

In other news, my entry into the Michael Miller Fabric Challenge for Quiltcon was not accepted, I'm just slightly disappointed because, to be honest I didn't want the hassle of having to mail it to the USA so it would arrive by 14 January which also meant I would have had to rush around, putting the hanging sleeve and label on before I went to NZ .  I also noticed that some threads were loose on the edge so I will replace the binding with a faced one and take the opportunity to add some more quilting, so all in all,it was a good outcome.


  1. I signed up for Project 48 too, but I was a bit disappointed with the first choice of a Churn Dash block- not that I don't like it, but I thought it might have been a bit more adventurous! I don't know the Tribal Block Club but I look forward to seeing yours. And of course you have enough to make it work- the more fabrics the better! Enjoy!

  2. Good Word! I am glad NZ weather was kind to you. We enjoyed the fine time too but needed the rain that followed. It's very warm again the last 2 days.
    Do Enjoy 2016!

  3. Good choice of word. Its important to take time to appreciate the things you are doing rather than just working to a timetable. I'm avoiding any quiltalongs this year (other than my usual UFO along) as I just want to finish my current part projects and try some of the things I've had on my to do list. I will live vicariously through you!

  4. oh lovely! I don't know why that looks like NZ, but it just does somehow .... Project 48 looks interesting, I am looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds.

  5. Enjoy all your sewing this year Pip. Looking forward to seeing your project blocks - love the Churn Dash.


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