Saturday, 26 December 2015

The Hot

A week or so ago we had a few days where the temperature was over 40°C (104°F) it can be quite a difficult time for everyone especially if there are power cuts because that means aircon and fans don't work which makes it hard to keep cool and of course, there is also the ever present possibility of bush fires.

I keep two water bowls out in the back garden for the birds to drink from.  We get a variety of birds visiting and sometimes I manage to get a few photos if I'm patient and quiet.

We've had a few Crescent Honeyeaters visiting us lately, one day there were about nine of them perched on the edges of the dish in the photo above.  They were all taking turns dipping in and out of the water, they move swiftly so it can be hard to get a decent photo.  (to hear what they sound like click  here)

These photos were taken early evening on one of the really hot days, I've never seen a lorikeet drinking before, he chased off the other birds when he came down.

I'm not sure what sort of bird this is, it stayed there for a long time having a drink. I make sure to keep the bowls filled every day so the birds keep coming into the garden.


  1. Aren't they lovely. That heat must be hard to get used to..thank goodness for fans and air con!:)

  2. Lovely Pip! We left our bird baths full when we moved. First purchase here was another bird bath! Haven't seen a bird use it yet.

  3. Yes - what is that bottom bird, I've seen a few around here near Sydney.

    1. I think Jen is correct, it is a wattle bird, I need to keep my bird book handy so I can identify the birds easily.

  4. It could be a youngish wattle bird - we get a lot of wattle birds up in Hawthorndene. We even had a nest one year in vines under our pergola!

  5. Your pictures are lovely. We have turned the corner and are now rushing to the cool time, can't wait. It was so hot here, we were without power for 26 hours. We had lightening strikes all over the place. Hope you had a great festive season.

  6. What a great idea. Maybe I should find a location for a water bowl for birds in our backyard too. Do you find it needs to be in the shade so as not to get too hot?


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