Monday, 28 December 2015

Old stuff

While I'm in New Zealand I've taken the opportunity to look at some of the things Mum has stored away.

I came across an old American Home Crafts magazine from 1973, it is mainly knitting and crochet patterns, but this quilt caught my eye.

I'm using Blogsy to write this post on my iPad and I haven't worked out how it works yet, so the photo above isn't the right way up, but you can still see that it is a Cathedral Window Quilt, there was even a kit available for it.

The cost was $37.50 (American dollars) for the kit, there was 27 yards of unbleached muslin plus a wide variety of cotton prints, I guess that was quite a bargain back in 1973.

I also found a silk patchwork cushion cover that I had made in 1982' it was pieced using English paper piecing, I can remember buying the silk fabric from the embroidery department in Kircaldies, a well known department store in Wellington. The cushion cover could do with a good press I think.








  1. Stunning quilt at the top. The only thing that would worry me is catching my toes in the windows.

  2. How much fun is it discovering these treasures?! Enjoy your stay.

  3. A walk down memory lane for you!

  4. I'd say that $37.50 for 27 yards of fabric was a bargain in anyone's language! It's interesting that Cathedral Windows have had a recent revival too! It is a pretty design....


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