Monday, 9 November 2015

Steampunk Challenge

The theme for our Art to Wear category and Challenge quilt this year was Steampunk  there were quite a few entries in both categories. 

I dithered for quite a while over what I would make, I had several grandiose ideas which were discarded as I realised that I wouldn't have the inclination or the time to make them happen.  I ended up approaching the theme from a humorous angle and used Monty Python and Punch magazine as my inspiration.

Violet (on the left) and Primrose (on the right)  are having a conversation which goes like this:

Primrose: You are looking a trifle discombobulated today, Violet
Violet: I'm worried about the Steampunk Challenge.
Primrose: The Steampunk Challenge?
Violet: Yes, Victorian Science Fiction which could mean Science Fiction as we Victorians imagine it.
Primrose: Oh, like the authors Mr Verne or Mr Wells.
Violet: Exactly, or something which incorporates our Victorian style, attitudes and technology in some way.
Primrose: Hmmm, perhaps you could just stick some gears on something and be done with it ....

I used an inkjet printer to do all of the printing, the two figures (clipart images from The Graphics Fairy ) were printed direct to the fabric, iron on stabiliser added,  thread painted, then cut out and stitched to the background fabric. The text was printed on the fabric using this method although as my printer will not mirror image I had to type everything up in Paint and then reverse it all.  In hindsight I should have made the text for the conversation larger so it would be easier to read.  Various cogs were added to the fabric using stencils, foil and printing.  I scribble quilted the background and stitched some metal cogs on, I also used some Derwent Inktense pencils to add small amounts of colour to the figures.

 The funny thing was that after I had started making it I came across this video.

Some replies to the No Reply commenters:

Cookie - I will post a back view of the Literal  quilt shortly.

Flossypatchedbritches -  please come and say "hello" next time, I would love to meet you.


  1. I loved your understated , tongue in cheek, approach to this. I was able o use it several times to explain "Steampunk" to visitors to the show

  2. Lol, I love that coversation. Your quilt is such a clever interpretation of the Steampunk theme.

  3. Your piece is very it :)

  4. Hilarious Clip . .loved the Barber Shop approach . . and what a quilt Mizrini.
    This is full of creativity and clever interpretation as well as showing a fabulous skill set.
    Congratulations Pip, I am so delighted for you.

  5. Just checking out your blog, it all! You're so creative and talented. Your steampunk quilt is fantastic...I'd love to see it in person! Ali x

  6. Thanks Ali, I will bring it along to one of our SA Modern Quilters meetups and let you see it for yourself.


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