Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Recent fabric acquisitions

I purchased a couple pieces of fabric from Reece Scannell at the recent Craft and Quilt Fair, for once I was quite restrained and to be honest there wasn't much that appealed to me this year.  The only book that I wanted to buy was sold five minutes before I asked about it, and there were no rulers of the type that I wanted so most of my money stayed in my purse this year.

The fabrics pictured below were some that I received as a birthday gift from my mother in New Zealand. Check out the two bird prints, the green background Pukeko print and the Tuis and Pohutukawa graphic print  (there are a couple of short videos on the Tui link that are interesting to watch) I love them both.

Finally this rather large bundle of fabric was part of the prize for my Modern quilt in our recent show, twelve metres of Cotton and Steel fabric from Dayview Textiles who were the very generous sponsor.  I don't have any plans for these fabrics as yet so for the moment they will just sit on the shelf so they can be admired.


  1. Lovely prize Pip! Your quilt was worth every inch of fabric!! Well done..... We have a large NZ Christmas tree in our garden. We have had sooo many flowers and birds. We will be sad to leave this tree and the birds. It is the only large tree on the marina. Trees block the view,!!!

    Loved your links - so interesting. Our next trip has to be to NZ.

    I'll miss you quilting girls!

  2. great additions to the stash.. and very well deserved, can't wait to see what you do with them..

  3. Those NZ fabrics are really fun!! and your prize bundle is great!! I haven't bought any Cotton and Steel but I'm always tempted when I see it.

  4. Oh I have a piece of Reece Scannell fabric in my stash. I really enjoyed discovering him at the last Melbourne show I attended. I really like your NZ fabric, looks like they have a few new prints. I will have to look out for them when I am there over the summer.


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