Saturday, 21 November 2015

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,

How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells,
And pretty maids all in a row.

who knew there was a much deeper meaning to that old nursery rhyme?

My garden is growing quite well actually ... 

 Six weeks has seen a lot of growth in the beans, both climbing and dwarf, the silver beet is starting to bolt but I'm making a pie tomorrow which will take care of quite a lot of it.  The sage needs pruning back and the spring onions are flowering, but still quite edible.  The zucchini (aka courgette) is growing quite well and I never gave away any of the plants so it looks as if we will have a zucchini fest sometime in our future. The tomato plant which isn't visible needs to be staked or it will fall over from the weight of the cherry tomatoes (still green).

I've found a few caterpillars eating the leaves but they have been dealt with.  The recent hot spell saw the plants looking a little bit sad by late afternoon but some extra water soon perked them up by the next morning.  I've been watering morning and late afternoon which seems to be enough to keep the plants happy, I think the shade cloth also helps otherwise it would all be a dried up mess as the sun is just too fierce.

 Looking at this photo I can see there are quite a few more beans there than there appears to be looking from the top.  There should be enough for the two of us to eat by this time next week.


  1. I'm super impressed! Nothing better than a veg garden. Mine in Nambucca is quite small, with some established herbs. All waiting for me to add to!

  2. Your veggie garden is bursting with goodies!!

  3. Nothing like fresh beans from your own garden, you put me to shame.. my plots have been wantonly neglected , tho' the silverbeet and tomatoes thrive on neglect.

  4. How lovely to be eating your own, home-growed, produce!! Enjoy.

  5. A very productive garden. I'm thinking of planting some bean seeds in a couple of weeks time - if it's not too hot.


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